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Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration are alternatives to traditional litigation, but can sometimes be used in conjunction with litigation. Both mediation and arbitration employ a neutral third party to facilitate more cost effective resolution for the parties. At Rocky Mountain Law Partners, we take time to know exactly what outcome our client is looking for, and how we can best serve you. We know that mediation and arbitration have the stereotype of being tedious, but our team is able to get to the point fast and get what our client needs quickly because we are in tune with our clients.

Our team is well versed in commercial, real estate, and general litigation matters. Arbitration is general conducted with a panel of multiple arbitrators who take on the role similar to a judge, make decisions about evidence and give written opinions — these can be binding or nonbinding.

A single impartial mediator generally conducts mediation. This mediator does not judge the case; instead, they help to facilitate discussion and eventual resolution of the dispute.

For any arbitration or mediation needs, contact our office today to get started.

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