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Construction Law in North Dakota and Montana

Construction Law

Our team knows real estate and construction law. We see many new construction projects in and around Montana and North Dakota, our firm has made construction law one of our biggest priorities, ensuring we know the ins and outs of the variety of laws here in the Rocky Mountain Region and North Dakota. The team at Rocky Mountain Law Partners has worked with clients both locally and across the state and country to provide assistance by providing comprehensive focus and perspectives in complex disputes. Our team has extensive background in commercial and residential construction law.

The attorneys at our law firm have represented everyone, from contractors and subcontractors to homeowners and landowners. We have worked with commercial property owners in all stages of construction. Our has attorneys have experience across the board, including areas such as:

  • Construction lien preparation
  • Construction lien foreclosure
  • Construction litigation
  • Contract preparation and negotiation
  • Building permits
  • Subdivision, zoning, and entitlement issues

Our experienced team will counsel you and your team throughout the entire process. Ready to get started on your next project today? Give us a call.

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